Looking for a job on Craigslist?

I spent years recruiting for technology companies and a retail store through Craigslist, and in that period worked with several small company owners to hire dozens of people. I learned what it takes to get through the deluge of Craigslist applications to actually get an interview for the position. When I found myself unemployed at the beginning of 2010, I used what I learned in those years to help me in my own jobsearch. I was unemployed for two months at the beginning of 2010 and during that time I had 5 job offers. I was even able to negotiate a higher salary because I had offers from two companies at the same time!

I followed a very specific set of steps in my job search and had tremendous success. Every time I tell someone about my job search, I get asked all sorts of questions about how I did it. Now you can benefit from my system too!